Hi, I’m Albert. I am an enthusiatic data scientist, software architect and founder of 21data looking for a new way of self-service analytics for industrial use cases.

In the last 10 years, I was responsible for the engineering of industrial automation software products dealing with data integration in the area of machine connection and OPC (UA) – and  recently also in the innovative area of industry 4.0, data analytics for manufacturing. Before that I founded a startup for low power wireless sensor network area in the 2000’s. Before that I completed my PhD @TecO, KIT

Why name it 21data? We live in the 21st century. I believe the use of data is already and will be the game changer in all major industries in this century. It will be the main driver for most of the innovations. It will be a key ressource for nearly all human activities. There is nearly no innovation in the area of biotech, fintech, IT, consumer electronic, agriculture etc.  that does not involve the heavy use of data. There is hardly any tool that we use today that does not involve the massive use of data, be it during operation (cell phones, apps, cars..) or during production (cars, machines), agriculture and so forth. The dominance of data in the 21st century is a fact. If we do it right, it’s a great opportunity.

Now, what is 21data all about? My background is industrial automation and I found manufacturing processes to provide a huge amout of data which are unused in many cases today. Additionally, with the modern tools landscape of machine learning and AI everybody has access to high capable data science software and platforms. Still, the adoption of analytics in manufacuring is in its early stages, eventhough everybody claims the new area of industry4.0 and IIoT has come. I believe there is a technology gap between all the powerful tools and the users. In industry, these users consist of domain expert, machine operators, engineers who do their best to optimize and run the daily business. For these people, I want to close the gap between the production operations and the world of advanced analytics and jump start the introduction of data science in their manufacturing processes. This approach is know as self-service analytics. I want to contribute a new ways of doing this sort of self-service analytics for manufacturing.


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